Congratulations to these four ROCK Stars. They each saved 50 ROCK Tickets to earn a McDonalds lunch date with Mr. Turco! Keep up the great work! 🍔 🍟
4 days ago, FMEDustDevils
🍔 🍟
Mrs. Salazar is ROCKing it with her bunny-themed super sentences lesson! Bunnies are always more interesting around Easter. 🐇 🥚 🧺
10 days ago, FMEDustDevils
📖 🐰 ✏️
We have school tomorrow! (4/2/21) See you then!
10 days ago, MVESD #16
School Tomorrow
As a friendly reminder, school is in session tomorrow, 4/2 (Early Release)!
10 days ago, FMEDustDevils
Think FME preschoolers are ready for Easter? 🐇 🥚 🧺?
10 days ago, FMEDustDevils
🐰 🐰
Wind doesn’t stop a Dust Devil! 🌪 💨 🌞
11 days ago, FMEDustDevils
Remember that Fridays are early release days! Dust Devils are out by 1:30 pm. Enjoy those weekends 🌞
17 days ago, FMEDustDevils
Dust Devils + P.E. + Sunshine = A Great Wednesday! Happy Hump Day! 🌞🌪🏫
19 days ago, FMEDustDevils
The best playground is a busy one 🌪 🌞!
20 days ago, FMEDustDevils
Route Changes!! Make sure to check your Bus Route Stop and Times! If you have been on Routes B, J, L, M and R; your times and route may have changed! Please visit :
23 days ago, Transportation
Route and Stop information
Camp Mohave would like to congratulate teacher Keren Walker for being chosen to receive the Bullhead City Community Advisory Board (CAB) grant. In the grant, Mrs. Walker applied for $1,200 for new document cameras in classrooms to assist teachers with their daily lessons. Thank you to the CAB committee. Your investment into the students of the Mohave Valley District is greatly appreciated.
24 days ago, Rick Cottrell - CMES
Mrs. Howell and Mrs. Walker
Just a reminder that Fort Mojave releases at 1:30 today for our first day Parent Teacher Conferences!
25 days ago, FMEDustDevils
Fort Mojave’s newsletter! A good source of information about everyone returning and other important info and dates! 🤓
about 1 month ago, FMEDustDevils
Here’s tomorrow’s (3/11) forecast! Please make sure you send your Dust Devils ready for a possibly chilly start to their Thursday! 🥶
about 1 month ago, FMEDustDevils
What goes great with Fort Mojave’s recess? Blue skies! 🌞
about 1 month ago, FMEDustDevils
Mrs. Salazar’s busted through their reading goals on Moby Max. What better way to celebrate with the reward than with popcorn and Dr. Seuss on Dr. Seuss’s birthday! 🍿 📖 🎂
about 1 month ago, FMEDustDevils
📖 🍿
Register Now! MVESD Instructional Model Registration - Full In-Person Begins Monday, March 22nd Will you be registering your child(ren) for a full in-person, streaming, or the online model of instruction? Please fill out a registration form for each of your children attending MVESD. (example: three kids = 3 surveys)
about 1 month ago, Cole Young
Re-Entry In-Person 2/26/2021 Parents and Guardians: The MVESD Governing Board revisited the issue of full in-person learning on February 23, 2021, during its February meeting. With the steadily declining COVID-19 numbers reported by the State and County Health Departments over the past six weeks and the vaccine availability for staff members, the MVESD Board agreed to offer full in-person instruction beginning Monday, March 22, 2021, pending health metrics. MVESD will continue to offer both streaming and online instructional models for families for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year. The District will send out an electronic survey to collect information concerning the instructional model that works best for your family. This information will allow us to plan for staffing and district resources accordingly. Please know we are currently working through the logistics, surveys, scheduling, protocols, supplies, etc., needed to make this a smooth transition for your child(ren). Our goal is to communicate with you through your child’s school as more information becomes available. The 'new normal' will look and feel a little different upon your child’s return. If we cannot socially distance, depending upon survey results of students returning in-person, masks will be a requirement of students throughout the day, where appropriate. Our schools’ cleaning protocols will also be ramped up to meet the increased daily traffic. COVID-19 health protocols will be followed closely as identified by the CDC and ADHS/MCHS guidelines and guidance (see website information below). In the meantime, we will continue the Hybrid Model with Chohorts ‘A’ and ‘B’ attending twice weekly, respectively, until we transition to the full in-person model on Monday, March 22, 2021. Parent-teacher conferences are scheduled to take place on March 18th and 19th. Teachers will have the opportunity to virtually connect and communicate with parents about their child’s progress, provide information, and answer any questions you may have concerning what it will look like for your child’s return to full in-person learning the following Monday. I appreciate the MVESD Board and their support of the staff, students, community, and medically/generationally vulnerable populations during this most unusual school year. I know there are more questions than answers right now, but thank you in advance for your patience as we work to prepare for full in-person instruction. We appreciate you being part of our educational family. We are working hard to return safer and healthier for everyone on Monday, March 22nd!
about 1 month ago, Cole Young
Return to In-Person
The Dust Devils didn’t waste any time getting back to their playground fun! Wind or not 💨
about 2 months ago, FMEDustDevils