As you have likely heard, the Governing Board of the Mohave Valley Elementary School District has called for a Budget Override Election. The increase would allow the district to raise the base teacher salary. Click here for the Voter Pamphlet that will be mailed to all voting households.

The district is looking to increase teacher salaries for three reasons: 
  • Pay teachers commensurate with the work the district requires them to do
  • Retain teachers rather than having them leave for better paying districts
  • Attract quality teacher candidates when openings do occur

School budgets are formula driven. The formula is fairly simple: Number of students multiplied by state assistance level (currently $3681). Any increase in budget beyond that amount must be approved by the voters.

The average homeowner within the district has an assessed valuation (assessed valuation is typically much less than the actual market value) of $89,500. Based on the current assessed valuation of the district, this means that the average homeowner would pay an additional $59.55 per year, or, an extra $4.63 per month. If passed, the budget override will last seven years: Five years funded at 100%, the sixth year at 67%, and the third year at 33%- unless extended by a second vote of the people.

Coincidentally, the district made its last bond payment (bonds are typically used to pay for building projects- in the case of Mohave Valley these bonds paid for the construction of Camp Mohave Elementary and Mohave Valley Jr. High) in July. This means that homeowners in the district will likely see a decrease in Mohave Valley School District taxes approximately equal to the amount the district's override will cost if approved.

By state statue, school districts cannot ask you to vote one way or another: They can only provide factual information. Click here for an Override FAQ. However, they can ask you to vote, SO VOTE. Regardless of which way you vote, many override elections historically pass or fail by 30 votes or less, meaning your vote really does count. If you're not registered to vote, click here: The deadline to register in order to vote in this election is October 10th.

Contact Mr. Crow if you'd like more information, or would like him to speak to your club or civic group.