School Closing Update #7

It’s hard to believe, but the end of the school year is upon us! The last day on the school calendar is next Tuesday: We’d normally be enjoying field day, awards assemblies, and promotion celebrations! This year certainly has changed the way we do school in many ways…

This week’s homework packets will be the last packet sent home. You will find both last week’s answer key as well as this week’s key in the current packet. As usual, please take time to review your child’s work, noting any issues with the teacher during their weekly check-in.

As was discussed in a previous update, anyone passing before the school closure will be promoted to the next grade level. Students who had been marked for possible retention have likely already had a meeting to review the options and made retention determinations based on that meeting. If you have any questions regarding retention, please contact your child’s teacher or school office.

With schools closed, there will be no in-person summer school options this year for students. However, “Summer Learning” books will be available to all current students for grades kindergarten through seventh grade (we could not order books for kids moving into high school), providing a good year-end review and preparation for the coming year. As with homework packets, books will be available at each school site, the district office, and on our Mobile Meals routes starting Thursday (5/28). After next Tuesday, books will remain available at each site through June 12th, and will remain available all summer at the district office. Books were ordered for all students, so please only take one for your current students.

The current Mobile Meals program will continue through the last day of school on June 2nd. At this point, we plan to keep open the Drive Through Meal Program through the end of June, as the federal government has extended the current program through that date. Should participation drop to where the meals are not financially feasible, the program may be discontinued. River Valley High School will be continuing their summer program through June 26th, so meals will also be available at their site on Laguna Road in Mohave Valley for our students as well. Please stay connected through the app, as any changes will be posted there first!

We want to thank you for your cooperation, patience, and assistance during this most unusual of school years. Here’s to a safe, healthy, and relaxing summer!