2020-21 School Calendar Adopted

At its April meeting, the Governing Board of Mohave Valley School District approved a school calendar for the 2020-21 school year. This calendar assumes we will be starting as normal, however, things are subject to change based on the COVID-19 virus.

The calendar does present some changes from the current school calendar:

  • A start date of the first Wednesday in August (vs. first Thursday)
  • A return to the two week mid-semester Fall Break (October) A return to the three-day Thanksgiving Holiday (vs. the whole week)
  • One professional development day in January to allow the teachers to attend the county-wide professional development day (vs. two for AVID training in Las Vegas, as all teacher will have received AVID training by then)
  • Spring Break moved to the end of April following state testing rather than mid-March before testing

A later spring break has been something considered by the district for the past several years, as students have a hard time re-engaging following state testing. While Spring Break following state testing will hopefully help to rejuvenate students for the last month of school, the district will also be looking at ways to restructure learning in the month of May to better engage students for their last month: Plans will likely not be finalized until after the new superintendent starts next year.

“Many factors went into the calendar proposal” noted Whitney Crow, Superintendent. “Beyond the Spring Break change, one two-week break as opposed to two one-week breaks is believed to be more conducive to learning, and doing so mid-semester rather than waiting until November to coincide with Thanksgiving seemed better times to reduce student fatigue. In that same vein, a shorter summer produces less learning-loss, while there’s not much difference between one and two week breaks.”

Links to this calendar can be found on the district website and app in the Documents tab in the Calendar and Schedules Folder.