CMES Give Back Contest

CMES has continued to watch the news and follow the impact of everything that is happening now. As a result, they have noticed many people in need of support. While we are unable to support every person in need, we do want to give back to our community that has consistently supported us. So, we decided to have a give back contest. This contest will be held weekly for the next 3 weeks. At the end of each week (Friday @ 4 PM), one current student and one current parent/guardian will be drawn as that week's winners. Each winner will receive a $50 gift card to their choice of Walmart or Smith's. 

Week 1 - April 27 through May 1 Give Back Contest

As a student, entry requires the student to write a short paragraph highlighting how he/she is showing ROCK behavior at home while school buildings are closed to the public with #ROCKingWhereverIGo!

(ex. I have continued to ROCK at home because I have helped my grandparents. I have helped them by pulling weeds in their yard and picking up after their dogs. I do this because they are not able to bend down to pull the weeds or pick up after the dogs. #ROCKingWhereverIGO!)

For parents or guardians to enter, they will write a few sentences on something their child(ren) has/have done that made them smile with #MyKidROCKS!

(ex. Recently, I was kidding around with my two year old daughter. After a couple minutes, she looks at me and says, "Stop it dad!" I smiled and continued. At which point, she stopped what she was doing, turned to face me, and said, "You need to stop 'tagonizing' me." #MyKidROCKS!)

To submit your response, you can either e-mail Mr. Cottrell directly at or you can reply to this post with a comment on the DISTRICT Facebook Page. This page is You can search Mohave Valley Elementary School District #16 on Facebook as well. If you e-mail your entry, please include a phone number and your name for contact purposes should you be chosen as the winner. If the winning entry comes from a Facebook post, the school will reply to your post for you to call the school.

Thank you to all of our Coyote Family for the support you have given us for so many years.