Meet the Staff

To give you a bit of insight as to who the great people are who make up the staff of Mohave Valley Elementary School District, we'll be instituting a new weekly feature this school year: Meet the Staff. Each week we will select a staff member from a different campus or area, sharing a bit of background information on the man (or woman), the myth, and the legend. 

Our first introduction goes to Mohave Valley Jr. High's new Academic Principal, Mr. Todd Troidl. Mr. Troidl has worked for the district for all of 13 days, and joins us from his most recent post in Mesa, Arizona, where incidentally, he grew up. Believing in life-long learning, Mr. Troidl has been in college for much of his adult life, earning his Bachelor's and Master's Degree from Arizona State University, his Principal's Certificate from Northern Arizona University, and is currently working on his Doctorate from Grand Canyon University.  Asked of an unusual fact that others may find interesting, Mr. Troidl shared that he and his wife are the proud parents of Capone, who is approaching his 13th birthday (a ripe old age for most dogs, but particularly for a Bulldog, which we find extremely fitting given the junior high's mascot).  Asked about his proudest moment as a part of the Mohave Valley family, Mr. Troidl relayed this incident: 

"The night before teachers reported, I lost a lot of sleep because there are so many unknowns going into a new school. After the first day with the staff, I had the best night's sleep in a quite a while: I may have even  gone to sleep with an actual smile on my face. I brag about the staff to my wife and even when I know she has tuned out because I have been talking too long, I can’t help but to keep bragging. Just working with them and listening to them talk about their profession has been a major reward for me."

When you see Mr. Troidl, be sure to welcome him to the Mohave Valley family. And if you happen to be a junior high student, you just never know when Capone may come for a visit to "his" dog house!