MVESD Roadmap for Re-Entry

Board Approves Distance Learning Through First Quarter:

The MVESD #16 Governing Board approved this re-entry plan on Thursday, July 23, 2020.  MVESD will begin school as scheduled on Wednesday, August 5th, 2020. However, per Governor Ducey’s Executive Order dated June 29, all teaching and learning will take place remotely (distance learning model) for at least the first two weeks of school.  MVESD #16 will continue with Distance Learning throughout the first quarter of school.  Student health, welfare and safety topped our list when it came to making this very difficult decision. This determination was based on the idea of Predictability, Consistency, and Flexibility.  The predictability of knowing what to expect week to week for our parents, students and teachers was paramount to us.  This ‘knowing’ of what school will look like for the entire first quarter allows for stability in how to prepare, organize, plan and manage the needs of all groups involved.  The consistency lends itself to the quality of education being provided by our teachers and staff.  We, as a District, aren’t changing gears in and out of instructional models based on the daily data being provided by our local and state health professionals/organizations.  Lastly, the flexibility ensures teachers are able to access the needs of students through Distance Learning via live video lessons (which are recorded), recorded lessons to access when learning is appropriate, and teacher office hours for individual support.  This Road Map discusses the intricacies involved with the Distance Learning instructional model.   

As a District, we know that face-to-face learning is what is best for not only our students, your child(ren), but also for our teachers and staff.  We know that Distance Learning is not what everyone signed up for when thinking about school and learning.  We will work closely with local and state health agencies/professionals and monitor the metrics provided to us while also preparing our schools for students returning to our buildings in October.  We appreciate your patience and understanding.  This time is temporary and working through it together in the best interest of public safety benefits everyone involved. 


On August 6, 2020,, the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) released public health benchmarks that provide our school communities much-needed clarity on schools' safe reopening. The benchmarks align with the three of the learning scenarios outlined in the Arizona Department Of Education’s Roadmap for Reopening Schools to help school leaders, educators, students, and families understand how the metrics should influence school reopening decisions. 

The scenarios are: 


  • Scenario One: All Students in Physical Buildings

    • In-person, teacher-led instruction

    • Minimal community spread: Evidence of isolated cases or limited community transmission, case investigations underway; no evidence of exposure in large communal settings

  • Scenario Two: Some Students in Physical Buildings and Some Students Distance Learning

    • Hybrid learning

    • Moderate Community Spread: Sustained transmission with high likelihood or confirmed exposure within communal settings and potential for rapid increase in cases

  • Scenario Three: All Students Distance Learning with the Option of Returning to Physical Buildings when Appropriate

    • Distance learning with onsite support services

    • Substantial Community Spread: Large scale, controlled community transmission, including communal settings (e.g., schools, workplaces)